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Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission is an advisory body established through a town ordinance. It provides recommendations to the Town Council, Zoning Board, Department of Public Works, and the Planning Board concerning conservation, preservation and development of natural resources in Charlestown. The Commission consists of seven members, who are appointed by the Town Council. For a list of current Conservation Commission Members, look at the board and commission listing by clicking here.



The purpose of this commission is to promote and develop natural resources, to protect watersheds, and preserve the natural aesthetic in Charlestown. It conducts research into local land areas, and maintains an index of all open spaces.



The Conservation Commission usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at Town Hall. Check the town calendar for the most accurate meetings dates and times. Click here for the commission’s agendas and minutes.


Town of Charlestown Open Space Properties
There are four different open space properties in Charlestown acquired by the Town for the use and scenic enjoyment of the residents of Charlestown. They are the South Farm Preserve, Schoolhouse Pond Preserve, Richard Trails, and the Arnold Family White Cedar Swamp. Conservation Commission Accomplishments
  • Route One Scenic Highway Designation - The Charlestown section of Route 1 was designated a Rhode Island Scenic Roadway on August 26, 2002.


  • Stewardship Plan for Route 1– The Route 1 Scenic Roadway Stewardship Plan was prepared by the Charlestown Conservation Commission and provides guidance to the Town to help preserve and improve the character and scenic qualities of Route 1.


  • Public Tree Ordinance – Developed by the Charlestown Conservation Commission, the Public Tree Ordinance regulates the protection, planting and public safety related maintenance and removal of public trees and establishes a Public Tree Sub-Committee. This law was enacted on June 9, 2008 and is number 163 in the General Code. A public right-of-way tree permit can be obtained here online or at Town Hall.


  • Charlestown Open Space Brochure (coming soon) featuring Town owned and managed properties.

Conservation Commission Projects and Activities in Progress

  • Recently appointed Conservation Commission Public Tree Sub-Committee, currently working on a tree inventory in Ninigret Park.


  • Implementation of Restoration Nursery in Ninigret Park in conjunction with Parks and Recreation Commission


  • Advises Planning Commission on conservation issues

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Other Owner’s of Open Space in Charlestown
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