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Harbor Management Plan - Draft

At the Town Council's September 11, 2017 meeting, a public hearing was held for the completed draft of the updated Charlestown Harbor Management Plan and was approved by the Town Council with the following conditions of approval. The draft document can be found by clicking the link below, or by obtaining a hard copy with the Town Clerks office. 
with the following Conditions of Approval:
  1. Addition of the following statement, or one of a similar nature, to the Mooring Management section of Chapter III:

    In the event that federal anchorages are established in any of the salt ponds, the town must abide by the Army Corps of Engineers policy that mooring allocation in these anchorages is based on a policy of “open to all”.

  2. Addition of a reference to Section 300.4.B.7 of the Redbook regarding annual permits for outhauls (a non-single point anchoring device for the purpose of securing a boat in tidal waters and retrieving it from shore), with the following statement or one of a similar nature in the Mooring Management section of Chapter III:

    The regulation of outhaul permits by the town is contained in Chapter 96 Coastal Ponds and Moorings in accordance with the provisions of Section 300.4.B.7 of the Redbook.

  3. In Appendix II Salt Ponds Designated Mooring Fields, the following information be added for each mooring field:

  • Total area in acreage of square foot

  • Corner point coordinates in RI plane feet and in degrees/minutes/seconds

  • A compass rose and scale sufficient to accurately measure a distance of 50 feet

  1. Add the following statement to the end of Recommendation #4 in the Aquaculture section of Chapter III Identify Mooring Fields for Commercial Aquaculture Vessels:

    The use of any area for landside support of an aquaculture business must be done in a manner that complies with the uses and standards of the Charlestown Zoning Ordinance.

  2. Any other “technical amendments as required as a condition of final plan approval by CRMC and/or the issuance of the Water Quality certificate from DEM Division of Water Resources.