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Jo Anne Santos                      4540 South County Trail
Tax Collector                        Charlestown, RI 02813
                                              (401) 364-1234
                                        Fax (401) 364-1238
Tax Collection Clerk


Hours:  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Collection box by entry way available for use anytime for Tax Payments or official Town Business ONLY.

The 2017 Tax Bills have been mailed! Both the Real Property and Motor Vehicle bills have gone out.

The 2017 2nd quarter taxes are due November 1st and late after December 1st. If you did not pay your 2016 taxes, it does show on your 2017 Tax Bill. If you have questions, please contact the Tax Collector's Office to get an updated figure before sending in your payment as you will have accrued interest. The 2017 Tax Rate is $9.59 per $1,000 on RP and TNG Taxes and $13.08 on MV Taxes.

Registrations for 2016 have been blocked as of November 22nd. When your registration is blocked, you will need to pay your taxes IN FULL, including your 2017 TAX ROLL (cash, money order, bank check or credit card) in order to clear the block. Please make sure your address is correct to avoid any delivery delays. Address corrections may be made by contacting the Tax Assessor's Office at 401-364-1233 or by printing the Address Change Form located under "General" on the Tax Assessor's Department Page.

We accept Credit Card payments on site. Visa, Master Card and Discover are welcome! There is a 3% convenience fee (or $2.00 minimum) for utilizing this service. As always, you can still pay online with RIeGov and Official Payments or via telephone with Official Payments at 1-888-2PAY-TAX (272-9829). If utilizing those methods, please make sure to have your PIN# for RIeGov or Jurisdiction Code (4902) for Official Payments available. Thank you.

Please make sure your address is correct so there is no delay in receipt of any tax correspondence. Also, Motor Vehicle, Real Property and Tangible Bills are all mailed separately. Please give the mail service a couple of days before calling to report a missing Tax Bill. Thank you Town of Charlestown Taxpayers.

Please note: As a property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the taxes are paid, regardless of whether or not you have received your tax bill. (RIGL 44-7-7) If you did not receive your tax bill, and it is not being paid by an escrow account, please contact this office @ 401-364-1234.

Attached Document or FileAssessor For information on address changes and exemptions.