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Big Storms are nothing new....We'll help you get ready, dPlan-RI makes it easy !
Big Storms are nothing new....We'll help you get ready, dPlan-RI makes it easy !







The Project; the Planning Process

The planning process will included five elements,

1) define and inventory the universe of RI Heritage Collections,

2) Adapt the NEDCC’s dPlan™: The Online Disaster-Planning Tool to the Rhode Island circumstance,

 3) Convene Stakeholders to adopt dPlan as the state’s standard and define a network of response networks statewide,

 4) Train stakeholders in the use of dPlan and the RI statewide context for planning,

 5) publicize the result of the planning process among state and local emergency management agencies, first responders and Heritage stakeholders.

To accomplish these, OLIS and the Archives will convene a Steering Committee representative of  public, academic and private libraries, municipalities, cultural organizations, historical and preservation societies, the State courts, the State Risk Manager, the RI Emergency Management Agency and the partners themselves. OLIS will also engage a project coordinator with broad and deep knowledge of preservation, the planning process and the RI situation, who will manage the consultants’ work, ensure participation of the appropriate representatives of the RI stakeholder community, tend to logistics and keep the project on track.

1.  Defining the RI Heritage Universe: 

 The RI Historical Records Advisory Board has identified over one hundred and fifty institutions in Rhode Island that hold unique archival records, manuscripts and graphic materials.

  Among these are fifteen (15) university and college institutions, thirty-eight (38) historical and preservation societies, thirty (30) public and private libraries, thirty-nine (39) municipalities and twenty-four (24) museums.

  These are enumerated in an online text directory that  provides links enabling institutions to be included  or to update their listing .

  OLIS’ Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network comprises 174 libraries, some of which are also on the RIHRAB list.

  LORI includes 51 public, 21 academic, 15 hospital, 78 school and 9 special libraries.

  Some of the LORI libraries may not have collections appropriate to this project.

To create a comprehensive description of the universe of collections relevant to Rhode Island’s Heritage, those directories will be reviewed, updated, and expanded where needed by the project coordinator and technical assistant.  This will be accomplished during the project’s first two weeks and provide the foundational directory of the project’s stakeholders.

2. Create a RI planning tool: 

 The partners will engage NEDCC, creator of  “dPlan™: The Online Disaster Planning Tool” to work with representatives of OLIS and Archives to adapt that web-based tool to the RI circumstance. The Steering Committee will assist with this process. Adaptation will include but not be limited to inclusion of RI-specific references in background and information portions of the tool as well as pre-filling of fields with statewide information where appropriate.  The adaptation will be programmed in such a way that the RI instance of the tool will continue to be part of the dPlan suite.  As such it will be hosted at NEDCC, thereby automatically receiving technical updates as the tool matures and accessible to OLIS and the Archives to update the RI information when timely.

3.  Bring the stakeholders together:

  The partners convened two day-long professionally facilitated stakeholders’ meetings to introduce dPlan , the statewide context of disaster planning and to develop plans to establish a network of response networks.  Professional facilitation and a strong action-oriented agenda made the meetings efficient. Additional meetings were ready in order to accommodate the large number of potential participants and summer schedules.

4.  Train for now and the future: 

 The partners engaged NEDCC to prepare materials and hold up to eight (8) training sessions to enable stakeholders to apply the adapted dPlan tool to their institutions.  The materials will include an overarching statewide plan to coordinate the stakeholder institution plans.

5.  Raise public support and awareness:

Project activities were accompanied by press releases as well as ongoing information presentation and dialog on OLIS’ blog and newsweb site as well as on the Archives’ website.  These were available via RSS to the public and other interested webmasters. Email databases and the RIHRAB listserve were used to disseminate updates and new information. In addition, a panel discussion and documentary presentation of the project and the preservation needs set forth in HHI will be presented as one or two programs in OLIS’ popular Cable-TV Series L-TV.  Copies of the program(s) will be available to participating institutions to share with their constituencies.  Finally, the project will produce collaterals as determined by consultation with the stakeholders – stickers, bookmarks, brochures, etc. – as awareness tools.


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