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Six Simple Ways to Save Farmland in Charlestown
Here are 7 easy ways that you can become a better advocate for the protection of farmland and open spaces: 1. Be attentive to local farmland issues and try to have an impact on decisions made by our local zoning board and planning commission. 2. Shop at local farm stands, farmer’s markets or a local CSA - buy locally grown produce and encourage your grocer to stock food grown locally. 3. Write or call your Representative or Senators. As few as 10 letters or calls from constituents can have a significant impact on your legislator’s views and actions. To find out how to reach them, call (202) 224-3131 for Senators, and (201) 225-3121 for Representatives. 4. Spread the word about farmland protection. Tell your friends and neighbors about the Charlestown Agricultural Preservation Commission (CAPC), and visit our website at 5. Be our eyes and ears. Clip and send local coverage of farmland issues to us at the CAPC, or call one of our commission members. You can help us identify emerging threats to the land in our area! 6. Support the CAPC - stay active as a member. Consider coming to the quarterly meetings of the CAPC, visit our website at, for more information on what we do and the farms in Charlestown that need your help to stay viable!
"A Long Deep Furrow" - Recommended Reading From Dr. Fritz Vohr
I have been reading a Long Deep Furrow, Three Centuries of Farming in New England, by Howards S Russell. Full of information about N.E., South County, and even Charlestown. Did you know that in the early eighteen hundreds farmers had not yet begun to plant and grow hay ? Rather they relied on salt marsh hay which was readily available along the shore. The hay had considerable commercial value and was harvested and sold throughout N.E. and even exported . Most of the cattle in new England were in South County. This is an excellent fireside read.  Available from    

For up to date information about RI legislative issues from Senator Sue Sosnowski who is a farmer in South County go to
Blake Filippi RI State House Representative of District 36 which includes Charlestown